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About company

Zelmotor Sp. z o.o. (Limited Company - Ltd)  was created on 1.01.2010 as a result of the transformation of  Zelmer S.A.(Joined-Stock Company JSC) The company remains the main supplier of universal electric motors for Zelmer S.A. in Rzeszów, at present - BSH Sprzęt Gospodarstwa Domowego (BSH Household Products) Sp. z o.o (Limited Company – Ltd) belonging to B/S/H group.
Within the scope of production, there are motors for hoovers, kitchen robots, mixers, mincers, slicers, juicers, food processors, hand-blenders and electric gardening equipment. Various new solutions, such as brushless motors, are introduced into production.   
Zelmotor Sp .z o.o. (Limited Company - Ltd)   has taken over the machinery as well as employees from Zelmer, continuing the tradition of producing motors for home appliances characterized by durability and reliability, which was started by Zelmer in 1958.
Today, we are using machines based on the latest technology as well as assembly lines, specializing in  producing serial commutator motors, which are presented in our catalogue.
Our motors are characterized by quiet operation, high parameters and a perfect quality of the workmanship. Our offer is systematically modified in accordance with the changing expectations of customers. We are open to any proposals for changes in dimensions or parameters in order to adapt the motors to your needs.
Zelmotor has its own construction, technology office as well as a research laboratory.
Apart from the most modern stator and rotor winding lines, the production processes also include the production of shafts, stator and rotor sheet metal cutting, plastic processing and the preparation of all components necessary for the assembly of about 2 million motors per year.

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